Real Time Monitoring

In the wake of COVID-19, require a solution that maintains standard of care while providing cost-effective healthcare through operational efficiencies and data intelligence.

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On Call Specialists

Telemedicine Specialists are available for consultation, E Prescription and can even provide Medical Certificate and medicine delivery

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Real time Monitoring. Mitigation strategy. Data Privacy and Data Security

Continuous monitoring to check temperature and symptoms
On Call Specialists
Specialists are available for consultation, E Prescription and Medical Certificate
Provides safety for everyone in the workplace and school setting
Data Driven
Decisions and responses are based on data for safe and sustained return
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“We need Medical experts to protect our monitoring and Data Security. Med Monitor and Telemedicine is the answer”

– Joylink CEO

Pricing that is affordable for all

Our prices are designed to give you the choices you need in these Covid times.


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Data Privacy and Data Security is paramount. HIPAA compliant
Sustainable solution in the times of Covid 19.
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August 14, 2019

Med Monitor for employees and students...

In this days of Covid 19 we need a sustainable solution

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