About Us
We are experts in sensors and technology. We partnered with top Telemedicine provider.

MedMonitor is a wearable biosensor technology company for wireless patient monitoring.  Right now we are deploying for Covid 19 Solutions for temperature monitoring for employees and students.

The MedMonitor  Solution consists of a wearable device,Dashboard for central monitoring station and an app. The device can monitor temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen levels for full monitoring.

For COVID-19, it can be used to measure and monitor respiratory rate, heart rate, blood oxygen and body temperature. We have the ability to set predetermined alerts that, in real time, notify them if a patient crosses a threshold. This provides Employers and admins with monitoring continuously, limiting the need for spot checks and thereby limiting exposure.

MedMonitor solution technology starts with the wearable device, which relays information to an app or  tablet or desktop and thus the cloud. The data in the cloud is then available through a secure URL and central monitoring station. This station, named the MedMonitor center, displays important information at administrators’ fingertip.

We are technologists with Doctor partners providing Remote Health Monitoring solution and Telemedicine with years of experience in sensors and with our Telemedicine partners have over 9 million consultations globally and have On call Specialists available.

Our Telemedicine includes teleconsultation, care plan, E Prescription , Medicine delivery and Medical Certificate



This is what we do


We are HIPAA compliant and our Monitoring is very particular about data privacy and date security


Identification of infectious employees or students based on cumulative unique temperature patterns


A comprehensive consultation for one year with E Prescription, Medical Certificate and Medicine Delivery if needed