Medmonitor offers state-of-the-art and scalable solutions that can meet the healthcare needs of everyone from employees of small to medium-sized commercial organisations to students of educational institutions in the form of advanced and innovative healthcare technologies.




As a company, MedMonitor specializes in wearable biosensor technology with the specific aim of facilitating wireless patient monitoring. The MedMonitor Solution consists of a wearable device, a dashboard for central monitoring station and an app that provides a user-friendly interface that integrates all vital information. The comprehensive device can monitor a number of vital information in real-time including temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen levels.




MedMonitor solution technology starts with the wearable device, which relays information to an app or tablet or desktop and thus the cloud. The data in the cloud is then available through a secure URL and central monitoring station. This station, named the MedMonitor center, displays important information at administrators’ fingertip.




MedMonitor, as a company leverages its knowledge and expertise in technology and integrates it with strong partnerships with medical community, through collaborations with doctors that also provide telemedicine services that have undertaken 9 million consultation globally. Our Telemedicine partners have years of experience in the use of our sensors, and our on-call specialists can help provide the immediate and reliable recommendations for concerns on hand.




With Covid-19 reshaping social and professional day-to-day lives, our solutions can help organizations and institutions ease into a new routine that will ensure the healthcare of their most valuable asset – human resources.




MedMonitor solutions being deployed in the context of Covid-19 focuses on temperature measurement and monitoring of the respiratory rate, heart rate and blood oxygen. The technology has the ability to set predetermined alerts so that in real time, notifications will be sent to the concerned department if a patient, employee or student crosses a threshold. This provides operation management of commercial and educational facilities with real-time and reliable data that will help mitigate risk of infection and exposure, which would have potential to cripple operations for an indefinite period.  Such an investment would also reduce the cost otherwise allocating to spot checks that provide no follow-up and can be unreliable in the output of data.




MedMonitor solutions include a comprehensive telemedicine subscription plan that encompasses tele-consultation, care plan and facilitates with the issuing of e-prescription, medicine delivery and Medical Certificate.