COVID-19 has fundamentally changed our way of life. While the medical community is working hard to develop a vaccine, the mobilization and distribution will not be be immediate. Businesses and educational institutions require an immediate and implementable strategy that can allow them to adapt and rejuvenate operations, all the while keeping in mind the health and well-being of employees and students.


MedMonitor solutions being deployed in the context of Covid-19 focuses on temperature measurement and monitoring of the respiratory rate, heart rate and blood oxygen. The technology has the ability to set predetermined alerts so that in real time, notifications will be sent to the concerned department if a patient, employee or student crosses a threshold. This provides operation management of commercial and educational facilities with real-time and reliable data that will help mitigate risk of infection and exposure, which would have potential to cripple operations for an indefinite period, not to mentional possibly fatal consequences.  Such an investment would also reduce the cost otherwise allocating to spot checks that provide no follow-up and can be unreliable in the output of data.


MedMonitor solutions include a comprehensive telemedicine subscription plan that encompasses teleconsultation, care plan and facilitates with the issuing of e-prescription , medicine delivery and Medical Certificate.