While the benefits of telemedicine for patients across the country has been recognised and applauded, it is also important to note the contribution telemedicine can have to social and economic goals.

  Promoting the use and awareness is also a lot of is not only beneficial for the patients, but it also helps keep healthcare workers, working. There are many reasons why qualified and well-meaning doctors and specialists are unable to work. With telemedicine, distance is no longer a hindrance for these medical experts. Through telemedicine doctors are able to connect with their patients any time and anywhere, they are able to diagnose and provide the proper traeatment as and when needed.

 Providing such a strong healthcare infrastructure would significantly improve the social standing and quality of life among the people, especially those in certain geographic areas. This will especially provide an opportunity for doctors in rural clinics to expand their base and reach, furthering their knowledge through experience.

  Spreading such healthcare knowledge will only serve to strengthen the base of people. It also serves as a comfort for people who know they have ready access to the necessary information.


 Also with telemedicine and digitalisation at the forefront of trends, it would be beneficial to be ahead of the curve and cultivate an innovative standing from the beginning.