MedMonitor  is a turnkey health and safety solution for monitoring Covid 19 and beyond at work and school. It works as Pre-screening and regular monitoring.  Access to Telemedicine and protecting the community



MedMonitor specialises in wearable biosensor technology with the specific aim of facilitating wireless patient monitoring. The MedMonitor Solution consists of a wearable device, which relays comprehensive information to the cloud, including a number of vital data points in real-time including temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen levels.




The data in the cloud is then available through a secure URL and central monitoring station, named the MedMonitor center, displays important information at the administrators’ fingertip. This can then be easily accessed via an app through the smartphone or tablet and through a dashboard through a browser via a desktop in a user-friendly interface that integrates all vital information of the patience.




In addition to providing the hardware and the software, MedMonitor complements its expertise in technology with strong partnerships with medical community, and collaborations with doctors that also provide telemedicine services. With partners that have undertaken 9 million consultation globally, MedMonitor ensures that users are in good hands. Our Telemedicine partners have years of experience in the use of our sensors, and our on-call specialists can help provide the immediate and reliable recommendations for concerns on hand.


It starts with monitoring. Measure the temperature and assess prior to them entering their work and school. Temperature checks .


Risk Management

Identification of infectious employees or students based on cumulative unique temperature patterns


With the plan, you can access the  Telemedicine Center with a simple phone call.You can consult a specialist doctor without the hassle of going to the hospital and waiting in line for hours.